Domed sticker, flat surfaces, round, silver gloss

Domed sticker, flat surfaces, round, silver gloss jest do kupienia w przyrostach co 1
Give your product shine and appearance with a 3D doming sticker in round shape and size you need. Your beautiful logo, text or print in GLOSSY SILVER. The transparent protection layer made of Polyurethaan gives the sticker an ultimate protection against scratches, humidity and all weather conditions but also gives the sticker a glossy 3D effect. Because of (the) UV protection, (the) colors will remain beautiful over time.
European Production 
Powierzchnia do nadruku dla domingu100 cm2 maximum
Możliwa indywidualna personalizacjaTak
Wielokrotność zamówienia1 Sztuk
Minimalna wielkość zamówienia100 Sztuk